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Different visuals on login process
In exploring our login screen design, I ventured to capture the essence of Bazar's platform experience visually. I tried out various styles, from colorful and lively to simple and modern. Eventually, I settled on incorporating a key platform element into the login screen. This way, users get a taste of what Bazar offers right from the start. It's not just about looks; it's about giving users a sneak peek into the Bazar experience before they even log in.
Different Dropdowns: Solutions for Every Interaction
By offering a variety of dropdown menu options, we empower users with the flexibility to navigate and interact with the platform in a manner that best suits their preferences and objectives. Through careful design and attention to detail, our diverse dropdown menus contribute to an enriched user experience, ultimately fostering greater engagement and satisfaction
Uploading Process
With a user-friendly upload box, I simplified the initial step, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for users as they begin the data integration process. Once the file is selected, users are seamlessly transitioned to the second modal, where they're provided with real-time visibility into the uploading progress.
Flexibility Inventory
Variant creation page offers a seamless experience, providing users with the tools they need to define and customize product variations to meet their specific requirements. From different sizes and colors to unique specifications, our platform empowers users to tailor their product offerings to suit diverse customer preferences.
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